I CARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network

ICARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network

ICARE has created an commerce platform were inmates and those who have been released can donate their God given skills in art, poetry for greeting cards or books, costume jewelry, wood and leather crafts and much more creative skills. ICARE eCommerce Entrepreneurial Network is a excellent workable program giving inmates a way to create finance that can not only assist them but their families; it will give them great pride in being a benefit.

 Who Can Join?

ICARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network is for men and women who are presently incarcerated within any State or Federal prison in the USA and have become active members of ICARE. This program was design to encourage entrepreneurial thinking; to work within ones passion making an honest living at it. In order to participate in the Program you must become an active member of ICARE.

 How does it work?

We made it very simple and workable for it to be a benefit full circle; the items are simply donated to ICARE from the men and women who are incarcerated; we will then place it on ICARE eCommerce marketplace which is a straight forward fundraiser for ICARE. We will set a reasonable donation price; once the item is sold we will ship out the product to the costumer. What is so very cool is that the donated price of the item is 100% tax-deductible. You will receive a ICARE eCommerce ID number which will be attach to your donated items product line; you will receive a quarterly update on how your donated items sold.

Now the time and labor to create the donated items at the same time receiving ICARE support in learning how to use ones talents as an economic base to benefit self and family; they will receive a stipend. This is a full complimentary benefit for extending their creative talents to benefit ICARE. Stipends will be given quarterly by being placed on the inmate’s financial books or if requested dispatch to an immediate family member.

What type of products can be donated and how often?

All items donated can not reflect any form of hatred, immorality, evil or anything that is openly offensive. We can only accept a maximum of ten (10) donated items at one time per member. Once all ten items are sold you will then have the options to resubmit more donated items. All items are donated as is; ICARE will not accept any liability for a defective item.

 As long as your membership remains active with ICARE you are free to participate how ever often you like. If you think your item(s) can sell who we to say otherwise; ICARE is just simply the hand to give you a boots to support your creative ideas using our eCommerce platform.

 What if the items I donated don’t get sold?

If the items you donated do not get sold via the ICARE ecommerce website we will place your items on other venues to give it more exposure. However everyone benefits as being part of ICARE; your donated items if not sold after a full year; you will still receive a stipend. We will work with you to address ways to make your product more marketable; at the same time look at ways to improve your overall product line.

 Can I get my items back if they are not sold?

This will defeat the purpose of the items being donated to ICARE; it is our aims to assist you with overall business ethics. If however your items do not sell after a full year you will still receive a stipend.

 I CARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network PolicyModifications and Program Termination

ICARE reserves the right to modify any of the Terms – including, but not limited to, the duration of the Program or any part thereof, methods by which you can donate items and receive stipends. I CARE can terminate or temporarily suspend the Program or any part thereof at any time, for any reason and without notice to you (members). Any member that participates in I CARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network can at anytime suspend their participation; however remain their active member with ICARE.

If it is discovered or communicated that a member of I CARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network was found to be using his/her stipend for drugs, gang related activities or anything that constitutes being immoral or detrimental to oneself and or others; active Membership will be immediately revoke.

Request a ICARE eCommerce Entrepreneur Network form. 

Once we receive your request you will receive a email for us with further instructions.