Join I CARE by becoming an Active Member making a Difference in Lives. 

I CARE seeks to offers its membership  an opportunity to learn and experience  other faiths, community and institutional outreach as well as businesses through visitation tours, workshops, lectures and of course fellowship through social gatherings of luncheons and dinner engagements. It is more than just an exchange of information, it’s an experience in which new and lasting relationships are born and greater understandings can emerge.

I CARE Family Membership – Open to anyone who has a family member that is presently incarcerated within any State or Federal Correctional Institution and would like to extend support to them through I CARE institutional programs.

We would connect with your family member who is constantly looking for signs of support; a show in knowing they have not been forgotten.

“Research suggests that maintaining the inmate’s ties to family, friends and their communities will improve the inmate’s chances of reintegrating into the community after release.”

Just a few avenues of  I CARE support that will be given due to your financial contributions:

  • Acknowledgement of Birthdays and Holidays through cards or poetry books.
  • Giving the needed support to I CARE inmate lead support circles.
  •  I CARE College Scholarships to support a child of an inmate to advances in life.
  • I CARE loving hand in reaching out to an inmate’s immediate family that has become  sick or passed away
  • Letter writing Campaigns to State legislation to invoke positive change  
  • I CARE caring baskets to needy families of prison inmates.
  • I CARE Ecommerce Entrepreneurial Network
  • Assisting in programs in aiding those who will be paroled in needing housing, food,employment, education, mentoring, and general support.

Just to give to a peek at what I CARE has setup in making a REAL difference; however none of which could be possible without the sincere, loving support of your continued Membership and or general donations

“The larger an offender’s social support system, the lower the risk for recidivism.”

In becoming an active Member of I CARE you agree to the universal law of humanity to treat others as you wish other to treat you. To remain active your Membership dues cannot lapse over 90 days as you will be removed as an active; all members will receive a friendly remainder of pending membership dues payment. You will be given several ways of making your monthly membership dues payments. You will have access to your membership dues account for tax purpose and or for your personal record keeping; you will also be able to make update to your information. You can always make your Dues Donation payment here on I CARE website.

I CARE Businesses & Community Membership – Open to Businesses, Faith groups (i.e. churches, temples, mosques, etc.), Community Outreach and Social programs seeking to build a productive positive network which will greatly benefit men and women presently incarcerated and those who have been paroled back into society.

A correctional institution study documented a few key hurdles to successful reintegration—namely, finding a job, finding housing, and getting access to needed health care services. Most returning prisoners who found a job within the first month following their release were either re-hired by former employers or had help from family or friends.

Relatively few found new jobs on their own, often because they lacked the skills to conduct an effective job search or could not find employers who would hire ex-offenders. Few parolees reported ever receiving help from their parole officers. Which is why such an essential need for businesses and community outreach to aid in the assistance of inmates returning back to the communities in providing opportunity so they are able to support themselves in a righteous living.

As an I CARE member we seek to keep in very simple and user friendly; we rather spend time brainstorming on creating great programs in assisting those in need our our help; then trying to navigate through the websites.

Individual & Associate Membership –  Consist of a (1) single person $50 one time registration fee; includes 1st month active Membership Donation  Monthly Membership Dues Donation $12 or Annual Membership Donation $135
(Tax-Deductible) – Click on Hand to Join


Duo MembershipConsist of a couple (2 persons)
$75 one time registration fee; includes 1st month active membership /  Monthly Membership Dues Donation $17 or Annual Membership Donation $195
(Tax-Deductible) – Click on Hand to Join


Family Unit MembershipConsist of the immediate family household (4 persons max) $99 one time registration fee; includes 1st month active membership / Monthly Membership Dues Donation $22 or Annual Membership Donation $255
(Tax-Deductible) – Click on Hand to Join


Businesses/Community MembershipConsist of those whom are appointed to represent the interest of the business or community (4 persons max). $495 one time registration fee; includes 1st month active membership / Monthly Membership Dues Donation $97 or Annual Membership Donation $1,145 –
(Tax-Deductible) – Click on Hand to Join


  • I CARE Welcome Membership folder containing everything you need to know about the awesome works.
  • I CARE Quarterly Newsletter keeping you abreast with all programs, updates and events.
  • Access to I CARE Family-friendly events, cookouts and annual Family Community Festival.
  • Invitations to the annual I CARE Dinner Receptions / Workshops /Seminars  
  • Active Membership receives 20% discounts on all items sold via I CARE Ecommerce Entrepreneurial Network 
  •  I CARE promotional gift item for becoming an I CARE member
  • I CARE Businesses/Community Membership will have the opportunity to promote your business and outreach by submitting ads within our Quarterly Newsletter, on I CARE Face book Fan Page and receiving sponsorship recognition on I CARE banners, filers and some promotional items.

I CARE Membership dues are used exclusively for supporting our programs and the inmate community we serve.

I CARE reserve the right to make changes to our membership terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of your membership agreement. None of your information will be used or given to any third party or outside entity of I CARE. You are free at anytime to cancel your membership with I CARE; in such a case, no portion of your registration fee or monthly membership dues payment will be refunded.

Do not waste another minute trying to think of ways of how you can make a positive impact affecting change in the lives of those waiting for someone to assist them. Let that someone  be you along with I CARE we will make real realistic change.

You will also have the opportunity  connecting with some awesome down to earth people that are sincere and quite passionate about the work I CARE and others are doing to extend a helping hand to those who are reaching out to be pulled up on the platform of success.

We looking forward to having you part of the I CARE family!