I CARE is a newly subsidiary of Project Chance for Life Community Outreach Program that builds upon a strong philosophy and beliefs that you can only help people by being the example of what it is to have over come life challenges.

We assist men, women, and families in various facets of support; whether they are directly or indirectly associated with those who are being held within a Correctional Institution.

I CARE extends support to inmates transitioning back into society. We offer assistance with housing, job training, mentoring, and substance abuse from our clean and sober support circles. We provide support to the children whose parents are incarcerated.

I CARE steers at risk youth away from a path of crime, drugs, gangs, and untimely prison. We are also proud to announce that we have parent support circles whose objective is to provide positive, productive parenting and life skills to inmates who will be returning back to their families.

“It is very difficult, at best, to counsel individuals about life challenges if those who are counseling have not gone through some major life crises and overcome them. People will generally go by what they see, rather than what they hear.”

We strongly believe in getting back to the basic elements of the family structure; which can only start with addressing the root of the problem. Too many times we have seen people over analyzed by cookie-cut textbook diagnoses of what would be considered the root of their dysfunctionalism in showing little to no signs of betterment.

I CARE begins at the root of the problem. It becomes customary that when solving problems, you must dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. We must first take the time to know those within our programs and build mutual respect and trust. Second, we must take the time to listen and hear what is being expressed.

Each person that enters our outreach program has their own unique circumstances that cannot be addressed by general text book solutions. Each workable plan is tailored to fit the individual and/or the family. Those who have overcome the most difficult of life’s challenges have not only become successful, they are a great benefit to humanity. This is the most natural holistic form of therapy for those who need to see and hear from others who fell, got up, and overcame life’s obstacles.

Our arms are always open up to partnerships with other inter-faith based groups, community outreach programs, businesses, families, and individuals in order for us to completely offer a remedy to those who are in need of effective assistance.


 Our Humble Foundation

Project Chance for life Outreach humble beginnings started with Shaykh Ra Saadi El corresponding with inmates; answering letters, sending them lessons and books to assist in their moral, spiritual, growth and development. He started with just a mere 40 to 50 inmates. Presently Project Chance for Life supports well over a thousand inmates within the State and Federal Correctional Institutions across the country.

Shaykh Ra Saadi El founded Project Chance for Life Outreach Program back in 1992; he made a commitment to reach back to those who remain incarcerated by assisting them to establish a positive productive way of life. As a youth, growing up on the South side of Chicago his life was a continuous element of criminal activity as a gang chief, drug dealer and user; in and out of prison over a period of fifteen years.

Shaykh Ra Saadi El knows all to well the life of troubled young men involved in a life of crime and drugs due to his own experiences.. He is able to bring a living example in showing that people who made bad decisions not only can be remorseful and repentantive; nevertheless will seek to be better in wanting to live a highly spiritual, moral and productive way of life as being a benefit to self and society. Shaykh Ra Saadi El has become a beacon light of hope not only to those who are incarcerated but people in general; as his accomplishments are but a reflection in showing men and women that people can chance for the better and remain on a righteous path along life journey.

Shaykh Ra Saadi El has received countless commendations for his works with inmates and the community; by providing religious services within the institutions as a religious services contractor for the Bureau of Prisons. He has also received recognition from the Governor of California for his community outreach works within the city of Oakland. His outreach programs extends beyond just assisting man who are presently incarcerated but also assist them even more once they return back into the free world.