I CARE Mission, Aims & Goals

I CARE mission  is to improve the lives for men and women inside prisons and once released with workable programs, community support, inter-faith groups, businesses and families being able to extend their support by volunteers services, donations of materials and funding that  is solely geared to support positive growth and spiritual awareness with a hands on approach initiative that will confirm being effective on the inmates and once they are released back into society.

The success of this program is solely based on community outreach, businesses, inter-faith groups, families and individuals who are passionate and sincere in giving their support to those who became imprisoned due to bad choices, poor planning and now seek to do better.

I CARE is the ideal place to bring together a coalition of Men and Women who are incarcerated, interfaith communities, outreach groups, families and individuals to advance a shared in worthy cause.

Our aim is to provide information and analysis regarding effective solutions to community leaders, advocates, and institutions seeking to implement promising practices.

The goal of I CARE is to bridge the prison inmate populations with a clear incentive of entrepreneurship in developing their God given talents were they can be a financial resource not only to themselves but to their families; having a true purpose that is effective. We seek to present the inmates a clear reason in wanting  to live a righteous  life and have a positive impact not only on themselves but others.

Whether you wish to be involved on a one-time event or assist in the development of a long-term coalition with a I CARE focus agenda we welcome you to join our efforts for positive change.